IF Audra vs. Alexia

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  1. Hi everyone! I want to thank everyone on helping me decide on my Coach Gallery Tote a few weeks ago. I got it in leather and I love it.

    Anyway, I want to splurge on a new purse and am debating between IF Audra or the Alexia. Could any of you give me reasons why you like one or the other and what you would suggest?

    I looked at Neimen, Sacs, Adasa for the Alexia and I will have to wait until Jan but the Audra I found on ebay.

    Any feedback would be great! :idea:
  2. We talked about this in another thread several days ago. I carry the audra. I had the alexia and I sent it back. It was too big and stiff. I love big bags but it just was like carrying a suitcase in my armpit.I love my audra. I get many compliments on it including all the SAs at my coach store. Good luck and I love all the gallery totes.
  3. i was just on ebay and someone in alaska has their used for two weeks only alexia in brown with a bin of $379 and free shipping with that. She says it's just like new. if you were wanting the alexia that is the one to buy and save lots of money. Then if you change your mind you can just sell it again on ebay without a loss I'm sure.
  4. Do you work at Coach? I love my gallery tote b/c it holds a lot of stuff for me to bring to work but I just can't steer away from hobos. I always come back to them!
  5. no I don't work at coach. I had knee surgery last spring and had to be off my feet for several months so before the surgery I went to the coach outlet and bought up $5000 plus coach and started a little coach business on ebay. It gave me something to do and it was so much fun making $5.00. my girlfriends use to think i was crazy but now they love to shop out of my stuff. That turned me on to handbags in general and now I love Isabella bags and my SA at Nordstrom is calling me when their Chloe Paddingtons come in and I am getting a black one. In my real life I am a doctor. and to think, a year ago it was a splurge to spend $100 on a bag and not that I couldn't afford more but I didn't think a handbag deserved more. I am educating all my friends and my husband is now convinced that a handbag is more than just a bag to carry your stuff in.
  6. It all depends on the size that you prefer. You want big, get the Alexia. You want regular, get the Audra. :biggrin:
  7. I have the Audra and I just LOVE it...its the perfect size and the color is sooo rich. (I got it in brown)
  8. Thanks guys for your input! I have decided to get the Audra in brown. Now its about finding one :sad: Does anybody have the matching wallet and if you do where did you get it?
  9. ^^^The bronze is nice :biggrin:
  10. Yeah I went the NM and the item says no longer available. How come it is slightly different from the pic I am posting? The one I am posting is the one I want. Is the one from NM a newer version?

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  11. I think there was a thread about this a little while back - the one on the NM website is the 'next generation', so to speak. It replaced the other one, the one you're looking for.
  12. i wondered the same thing (i was the one that made the other thread) because i bought mine from adasa like right before neiman's put theirs on their website, so i freaked out and thought maybe mine was fake, but we decided that neiman's was just a newer version, and i like mine better by a long shot.
  13. :::lightbulbgoingoff:::
    Ohhh.....I understand now. I had figured that the Audra with the Isabella Fiore on the actual bag vs. the hanging thing on the strap was the older version...possibly like the one that was the "original" that the stars got.

    Mine has the hanging signature logo...and is the more pebbled leather. I like it a lot better as well.