IF Audra or HH Mercer Satchel?


I Feel Pretty!
Jan 13, 2006
I like them both in the brown color and am wondering if they are too big for me. I am 5'2" and some bags look like luggage on me. What do you guys think?
I'm 5'7.5" and thought the Audra looked huge on ME. It's an odd shape, very wide, and I'm just not a fan (one of the few who are not). By default, I vote for HH.
Hmm, I know full well what the IF looks like as I'm dying for that same bag! I'm also 5'2"ish and I think it's fine on me.
Going now to look for a pic of the HH . . .
the audra is probably one of my favorite bags that i own and I receive more compliments on it. It is very well made and a beautiful color and very comfortable to wear. My daughter is 5'2 and she borrows it all the time and it looks great on her. It is just a beautful bag. I vote audra
Swanky - Thanx!They have a picture of the hh either on their website or at blondette.com

Daisy, you're tall and you thought the audra was huge then maybe it would be carry-on luggage size for me.
Shushopn (cute name!): I don't know WHAT it is but I absolutely hated that bag on me. I've seen pics of it on other people and it looked great, just not on me. *shrug*
hfxshopgirl - the bag looks great on you! I'll try to find one in the stores to try on. I never bothered b/c I thought it was big , but the slouchy factor seems to help.
The HH Mercer satchel is a perfect size for me (I'm 5'2"). I haven't tried an Audra, so can't make a comparison size-wise. And the satchel is Fab, as Swankymama says!