IF Audra...in PINK!

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  1. I have noticed that the studs are the same color as the bag too. On the new brown one, the studs are like a light tan not gold like the old version. The leather is suppose to be a little different.
  2. very cute!
  3. I considered getting this. I thought it would make a nice bag for spring or summer. I just ordered the brown Audra from them Thursday. UPS says it should be here on Monday. Can't wait! (I guess this means I can cancel my NM order now)
  4. Please post how the new brown studs look on the bag compared to the old gold ones. I think it's interesting how that changed. Looks kinda cool.
  5. Don't cancel it yet....they are two different bags...the one on NM has brass studs, the brown one on Adasa has enameled studs.

    Check them both out just to make sure which one you like the best. :biggrin:
  6. Oh I know. Thanks for looking out for me. :biggrin: I meant that I ordered the one with the brass studs. I'm just not sure which bag they are sending. The photo on adasa showed the "first" bag, with the tassels on the zipper pull, but I don't know if that's the one they are sending or the "second" bag like NM has on their website. (with the plate on the outside of the bag)

    Personally, I like the "first" one better, however I will be more than happy with the "second". Especially considering that NM has no idea when they will be able to fill my order. Oh well. Guess I'll find out Monday which bag I'll be getting.:amuse:
  7. Sorry, I should have been more clear. :biggrin: I meant that I ordered one with the brass studs. Although I must admit, the one with the brown studs is calling me too!:lol:
  8. Oh ok, then I am even more happy for you cause i really like mine! ;)
  9. Wow, I'm not a fan of pink and I like that!
  10. I noticed that too, I prefer the old one much more. Too bad they changed the studs and leather...:sad: NM still sells it but no date as to when they can ship it!!!!!:evil:
  11. This is cute but the brown one is so classy - and so practical - I wouldn't want such a similar shape, since I own the brown one..
  12. I love the color, but the combo is kind of weird; I always feel like the audra sort of has a tough-cool kind of vibe, iono.