If Anyone Who Wants A Wallet In Grape or Jaune...

  1. In my search for a Violet or Jaune Make Up or Coin Purse, I found a store that had Violet and Jaune Wallets in three different styles including the Compagnon. It's Barney's in Chicago, and their number is (312)587-1700
  2. Thanks Deana! I called, no Money Wallets in either color. :crybaby: In your search if you find one in the Money, please let me know asap. :smile:
  3. Thanks!!!
    moving to shopping...
  4. :confused1:
    You called the number I posted and they said they didn't have any wallets in Grape or Jaune? Let me go check to see if I mixed up the numbers.
  5. No MONEY wallets. They did have others.
  6. :yahoo:Thank you Deana for letting me know they did in fact have it. I got the money wallet and it was FREE. :tup: My Mom got if for me for helping her the past month with a lot of her business paper work when she had the flu! They do have Jaune in several styles too but not the money. They have the Compagnon(not sure if I spelled it right), the big one with the zipper.
  7. ^ that's great, PP! A violet money wallet sound delish! And for free from your mom! even better!

    Deana, thanks for posting about this~!
  8. It was no problem at all, and they definitely have 3 styles of wallets in either Grape, Jaune, or both!