if anyone wants a brown 32 kelly with silver hardware, call KOP!

  1. bruce, a very nice SA, called me up with a brown kelly and silver hardware. i was so shocked that he called me that i forgot to ask what the leather was! i know it's 32 cm.

    i politely declined as i had just gotten a birkin and the wallet's gotta rest! lol.

    i was in shock since i haven't spoken with him since last july and i wanted a black kelly :smile:

    the phone number is 610-992-9730. they do ship since i'm in NC.
  2. I think I saw this in the window on Jan 1, but the store was closed. It was a smoothish leather, not togo or clemence.
  3. Do you recall how much it was?
  4. if box, 6850.

    if swift, 5950.

    those are my two guesses. sorry i didn't get a chance to ask about the leather/price!
  5. they have one here in DC.
  6. Oh my - where in DC? That's my stompin grounds :flowers:
  7. It is havanne evergrain and it is gorgeous! I patted it a couple of weeks ago but it is way too large for me!!