If anyone sees the Kelly wallet in Rose Shocking, please, please can you let me know?

  1. Hi everyone.

    Sorry in advance - I seem to be one of those who always needs help from others rather than ever offering it! And you guys always know more than me, thankfully.

    After weeks of debate (mainly with myself cause no-one else really gets it!) between the bearn and Kelly wallets, I've decided that I must have the Kelly wallet in Rose Shocking (my fave colour - now I'm nearer forty than thirty, I realise that I'm not going to grow out of liking pink!) so...if anyone sees this wallet, please, please can you PM me? I saw it in Decemebr and passed so am now sure I want it and kick myself daily.

    TIA, one and all.

    PS I'm in the UK but will try anywhere.

  2. I've been to sleep, woken up and the need is still there so if you spy one, please can I have the details???


  3. I have seen the bearn in RS if you're still interested in that.
  4. Why don't you try asking your boutique to do a worldwide search?
  5. I asked for a search but thought I might have more luck with you guys as thousands of eyes are better than a computer search!

    Thanks again.

  6. Hi,
    Call the NYC store. They had one just a few weeks ago along with several other colors.
    Good Luck
  7. Sorry I should specify Madison Avenue. But I just saw that you live in London, I don't know if they will ship out there.
  8. Thanks - I'll try NYC anyway!
  9. Still no luck. Huh, this is a lesson for me; I saw the KW in RS in Paris in Dec last year, went back a second time and decided to pass (instead buying DH a scarf (why, oh, why???)).

    When I got home and knew I'd made a mistake, I rang to be told they still had it, would usually send it overseas (all the way to the UK!) but wouldn't so near to Xmas cause they were just too busy!!!

    Maybe this one just isn't meant to be but I'm not good at giving up on any quest (for which I blame the legal training).

    Anyone seen one yet...?

    Am I getting to be a pain yet...?

  10. Nothing can beat a search on Hermes' own computer. I recently wanted a particular scarf, and my fav sales associate found it, and it was sent to the store for pickup. Easy peasy.
  11. ^ Agree. Be patient, am sure your SA is working hard for you.
  12. I'm on tenterhoooks as there is one bound for the UK but it might already have been reserved for someone. I wait to hear! If not reserved, it will be mine.

    Thanks for your help all!

  13. ^ Keeping fingers crossed for you. Do post pics, love RS!
  14. yes be sure to post pics....I'll never grow too old for pink!! love that color!!
  15. Kellybag - there is one leaving from London going to Manchester now....is that you?