If anyone sees the 08P Burnt orange/Salmon glazed lambskin Flap!!!!!

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  1. #1 Jan 14, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2009
    In any country......could you pm me., preferably in a jumbo size...I called Chanel Locator for USA and none showing....but they suggested I try other countries....
    Thank you for stalking her for me............

    Picture and description borrowed from Beautylicious' thread......Thanks for posting the info N....

    Style no., A37865Y01480
    Color Code 51627

    Thanks again:heart:H

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  2. Oh C, if I only could clone mine... :girlsigh: Let's hope our wonderful international tPFers can help you out with this!
  3. Cristina, I know it's a long shot but have you tried the Hawaii boutiques? They were actually the only Chanel boutiques to order the orange in jumbo. The contiguous states boutiques only ordered it in medium and mini.
  4. Hawaii – Honolulu, Ala Moana Center 808-942-5555:
    Judy Chin (supervisor)

    Sunny (Fine Jewelry Ala Moana)

    Hawaii – Waikiki 808-923-0255:
    Vickie Francis-Myers (supervisor)
    Stuart Ing
  5. No Juimbos.......but Mon, actually your incredible SA Brendan, said he could get me a medium..........I may go with that and get it from him who has been so helpful......thanks Mon:heart:H
  6. A medium would be fab too if you can't find the Jumbo. Still hoping a Jumbo will turn up for you.
  7. ^^Yes, I completely agree with Nathalie. I'm glad you were able to find a medium C. until a jumbo becomes available.
  8. Definitely grab the medium if it's available! I tried to find this color in a jumbo many, many months ago and had no luck at all. I have this bag in navy and the mango and love it! I know the orange is gorgeous!
  9. Get the burnt orange/salmon (as the French call it) medium bag, H! It's gorgeous!! You will not be disappointed. Jumbo is completely sold out in Europe, sadly.
  10. James @ Bloomies has an e/w in the burnt orange. $1995

    tell him Lisa sent you, he's great
  11. I remember seeing it when it was still in the boutiques. It is such a gorgeous color. GL on finding it!
  12. C.... did you get it already?? Post pics.... and clone one for me :smile: