If anyone sees an MBMJ Dylan Crossbody avail please let me know!!!!!

  1. Looks like this (pic from Neimans) Spring 08.... Not in this color though, I want!!!!
  2. wow, i love that color....is it an 08 bag?
  3. funny in the colors listed on the MJ website it only lists saddle, grass & black........ maybe this was carried over from another season and i can't find it?
  4. They did come out with the Dylan in 2006. I think it's coming out again for SS08, although I'm not sure which colors and whether or not it still looks like that picture.

    The NM picture is definately an old one of the Sunset color, from Fall 2006 I believe.
  5. The MJ website has the dylan - same pix - just different colors for spring08.
    Guess they're not out yet because I can't find one anywhere!
  6. Looks great!
  7. I also want this one ... in grass colour! I'm anxiously waiting for this bag to arrive! I loved it!
  8. Grass is what I was hoping for as well!
  9. Yup - not about to pay 695.00 for a 200 something dollar bag though!! I'll wait.
    Even if the new MBMJ prices are higher they won't be double! Previous seasons Dylan at full retail was only 248.00.
  10. Yes! I agree with you, KBELL!

    I've just checked them both ... but WOW ... too expensive!!! Besides, they don't have the new season colour I really want!

    I'll wait for the grass one ... for a cheaper price!!! hehehe.

    I hope Shopbop and Neiman Marcus sell the grass one, because I don't live in USA and these sites ship internationally!
  11. WTF?? That person is claiming that they retail for $1395???? THAT'S RIDICULOUS! I sent the seller a message:

    Can I ask why your price is so high? You say in your listing that this bag retails for $1395 but that is NOT true.. this bag is about $300 NEW- This is a MARC BY MARC JACOBS bag.. Not a MARC JACOBS bag. This is the cheaper line.. just wanted to make sure you knew that. Can you explain the high BIN price? Thanks-
  12. ALSO- I don't think this is a cross body bag. The strap drop is only 10" from what I read in a listing. I could be wrong or maybe the newer ones are crossbody but it doesn't look like the older ones are.
    What do you all think?
  13. A 10 inch strap drop for me is not good for crossbody. I'm hoping the new spring line has a longer strap drop, otherwise this is out for me. I like mine to hit at the hip when crossbody - I'm only 5'2 but 10 inches is no where near long enough!