If anyone see the Chloe

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  1. black shopper that was on sale at AR, could you let me know? I missed the last sale so I had it saved for the next time around and I missed it. I tried to get on today and put it in my shopping cart, but the website wouldnt work. I dont know if it was them or my work internet. But I tried and tried with no luck. Of course I couldnt call cuz they are in HI and then I got so busy with work, I forgot. As soon as I got home, I tried to order so they were sold out. So if anyone sees it, please, please let me know. Also, if you ordered it and are going to cancel your order, let me know so I can call them.

    Thanks so much!!!
  2. Ohhh ok. Well if I see it around, I'll let you know.
  3. Thanks!!
  4. hi, the edith shopper is on sale on neimanmarcus.com for 50% off--but only in the cream color and dark chocolate! Hope u see this before they sell out!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for u!
  5. Oh, by the way, if you decide to buy from Neiman, I have a code for free shipping. PM me and I'll give it to you.