If anyone see a red Goatskin Mabel

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  1. I still miss my red Mabel and thought it might be nice to have one for the summer....
    I have the mini red Mabel which I love but if anyone sees the medium or large, could they let me know.
    I could have bought one at the outlets but passed it up for the fuschia (which is now going as I just don't use it)
    so, once again hunt is on for a red Mabel!
    Thanks guys, I know the chances are slim now!
  2. R - They had one at Bicester on Thursday
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    no, it's gone now but thanks anyway. I've just rung all the outlets but no luck.
    Oh well I'll just keep trying.
  4. Oh well, at least I know that the outlets don't have any either now. I think I'm going to forget a Red Mabel for me for the time being - they are going to be extremely hard to find.
  5. I know, I'm hoping they produce the Mabel Hobo in red!
  6. That would be fabulous!