If anyone is looking for that elusive MINI-Reporter (Cambon)....

  1. I just saw three over the weekend -- and wow, the size really is small. It's kind of cute, but really too small for my use. However, I do recall reading numerous posts mentioning this MINI reporter and inquiring about its availability....I know it was a limited edition, no longer produced, and quite a rare find these days (in most parts of the country)....

    .....but if you want one, there is
    1) a black/white one available at Saks (5th Ave. NYC flagship store)
    2) a black/black patent one available at Bloomingdales (59th/Lexington NYC flagship store)

    ....and I think also one available at Bergdorf Goodman's 2nd floor Chanel boutique (I don't recall the color combo -- it was definitely black, but just don't remember if it was black/black or black/white).

    Anyway, give them a call if you want it! Unfortunately those are all regular-price, not part of the Cambon mark-downs.