If anyone is looking for Black Satin Polish....

  1. They have about 30 or 40 bottles left at Cusp (the new boutique owned by Neiman Marcus) in Tyson's Corner, VA. Their # is 703-288-1940. I believe they will ship :smile: I bought one last night and they said this is the last of what they have.
  2. :yahoo: Yay!! Just ordered one!! Hurry the SA said they are going FAST, FAST, FAST!!!
  3. Think I'll bump this. I know there were quite a few people looking for this yesterday.
  4. do they take visa?
  5. yep, they sure do:yes:
  6. They take everything (Visa, Mastercard, Amex), and also your Neiman's card!
  7. thanks!!!!

    do they have a cusp in CA? I NEVER seen one. she said its like one big boutique...sounds yum!

    anyways, i got a bottle....$12.75 for shipping..yikes!
  8. Yes, there is on in CA! It's in Century City I believe. There are only 2 stores currently (in CA and VA) but more are opening soon I think.
  9. ^^^ I WAS JUST in la last week :sad:

    oh well, im moving there ina few months YAY

    thanks for the heads up on the polish :heart:
  10. I ordered the black satin & vamp yesterday from BG. No taxes & free shipping if you're willing to wait till 11/29/06.
  11. :huh:Ooo those r the two colors i've been trying to get! congrats!

    How did u get away with no taxes n free shipping?...Kuz I dont mind waiting.. i bee waitin this long..i can wait few more dayz..hahaha :graucho:
  12. Another bump for the satin lovers!
  13. I ordered one! Thanks! I also ordered one from NM just for fun, there is a free gift with any Chanel purchase! =)

  14. It's back order till 11/29/06. But BG & NM is taking order now online. THere is no BG in CA so I do not pay sale taxes.
  15. Do you like Vamp or Black Satin better? I love Vamp but, have never seen Black Satin.....I've been using Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI and like it.......