If anyone is looking for an ice blue

  1. I want this bag so bad - you have no idea. But I wanna wait til its closer to the end of the auction - I don't want to start a bidding frenzy.
  2. :shame: Oh sorry...maybe I shouldn't have posted the link! Hope you get it!
  3. ^^ Oh, don't even worry! I saw the auction already - I trawl ebay all the time. I don't even know if I'm going to bid - I really don't have the money right now. That's why I wanna wait - see how high the price goes, how badly I want it at the eleventh hour, etc.

    Why do I have to be a poor student?!
  4. ^LOL I keep asking myself the same question!
  5. Bertie has the best auctions! Her bags are always gorgeous :smile:
  6. She buys them and turns them around again. You can see auction and how much she paid in her feedback.
  7. Wow I didn't even think of looking in her feedback until you said that lol. She did get it for a really good price though $599.99 !
  8. That's a stunning colour. WOW. Ice blue is NIIIICE.

    I bought PurseSlave's Sky Blue First. I'm very excited, it's on it's way to me!!
  9. great color!!! hope someone from PF snags it!
  10. wow I went through her wins, she can find-a-deal!!!
  11. there are loads of deals to be found, especially since bags get misinterpreted as fakes a whole lot. It's a risk you must be willing to take though, when you bid on a bag without complete photos or poorly light shots.. you really have to trust your gut instinct- make the plunge or be on the safe side?