If anyone is looking for a Graffiti speedy DO NOT

  1. That's ridiculous. :mad:

    And his lime green font gave me a headache.
  2. Nice attempts at fee avoidance. I reported the first auction ($999 one), but someone used BIN right afterward. Looks like they tried it again after that.
  3. Oh ! are you meanin gthat he is bidding on his pwn auctions?
  4. No, he keeps selling the same bag over and over and the price keeps getting higher and higher! I doubt he even has one!:rant:
  5. Oh. I don't even know what to say about that.
  6. I asked him why he's selling the same bag for the third time. He said the first two times it "sold" the buyers didn't pay. No wonder - this seller's a disgrace. $1K shipping? At least this time he's not trying to hide the shipping fee....

    And did you notice in the fine print he's charging extra for the lock, dustbag and the care booklet? :mad:
  7. Ask him why he tripled the price if that's the case!!!:censor:
  8. That is pathetic.
  9. Hmm, I just checked his completed sales. The first time, the bag sold for $999 and the shipping charge was $1,000. The second time, the bag sold for $499 and the shipping charge was $1,000.

    So at least this time, he's being a bit more honest and not trying to hide the outrageous shipping charges...Or try to avoid ebay fees. No wonder the first two sales didn't go thru...

    Just another ebay loser.........:mad:
  10. OMG he is charging $29.00 dollars for the dustbag, $29.00 dollars for the lock and key, and $5.00 dollars for the carebooklet!:censor::mad:
  11. maybe he trippled the price when he realised that his bag was in good condition
  12. $1000 for shipping ??
    the nerve of some people !!!!
  13. LoL yeah 1000 dollars for the shipping is ... I can't find my words LoL
  14. That guy must be out of his mind if he thinks any normal person would pay $1000 for shipping alone. He's crazy!