if anyone is going to the sample sale on fri or over the weekend...

  1. could you PM me? I went today, and somehow managed to forget the *one* specific bag I went for.:shrugs: If anyone is going, and is willing to pick up the bag for me, please let me know! I have paypal, or we can just meet someplace around teh sale. I would go myself but I'm in the middle of finals and I can't spend all that time again.

  2. so i fear there's a collective action problem here...just to point out, no one's PM'ed me and i KNOW someone's going tomorrow. Please i'm desperate!
  3. a lot of people are discouraged to go to lesportsac... a lot of us on here just really :love: tokidoki not lesportsac in general altho they do have cute patterns... there might be someone but w/ the recent tokidoki letdown it doesnt look like it may happen :sad: and I wanted qees too :crybaby:
  4. Aw, I'm sorry nobody is helping you yet. Maybe they are not sure if they're going? Sorry, I live too far to help you :sad:
  5. idk.. majority of them are discouraged because of no luck on tokis, dont take it personally if ppl dont pm you...only because they might not be going at all.... are you looking for something in the regular lesportsac print? you might want to try checking out LJ, there might be some there that might be going...goodluck :biggrin: