If anyone is going to BalNY in the next couple of days...

  1. If you are going to BalNY today or tomorrow, in particular...can you please PM me? (If you are willing & have time to look at some bags for me, that is). Thanks! :flowers: :flowers:
  2. I may be going on Sunday. I can help if you need it but Sunday only. This sounds so funny.
  3. I may get there tomorrow... not sure what time they close though.
  4. ^ They're open until 7:00.

    Zacorey - what are you getting girl?
  5. ^^^UMMM...I don't know- I'll let ya know when I get back! What do you suggest? I have a rouge vif bowling, black work, caramel'03 city and maybe someday I'll get my emerald courier (still didn't get here and I'm starting to wonder if it ever will). I'm just having really bad luck right now. Anyway, I have a black clutch- so what should I get- I really like the Balenciaga accessories! Maybe I'll check out the toilet case.
  6. Are you kidding? You don't have the courier yet??? Damn...:cursing:

    Have you seen the griege IRL? I adore it...I'm not usually a neutral color lover but it is my favorite color from the f/w. I'm getting greige something...not sure yet but def something.......
  7. I'm going on Tuesday if you still are looking. I can't wait. 48 hours in nyc all by myself and no husband to say hurry up.
  8. Yay! sounds llike fun for you! :smile:

    I think I have to get this taken care of tomorrow ... I was just hoping a PF gal could look at the Rouge Vif city they are going to send me in exchange for a bag I'm sending back to them. I thought it would be nice to get a second opinion ... but come to think of it, it might offend the SA...so maybe I better just leave this idea on the shelf. ;)

    I will talk to the SA on the phone tomorrow and make sure she knows exactly what I want. I'm actually kind of wishy washy on what I want her to send me. Now I'm thinking perhaps a First in Rouge Vif might be a better choice than a City for variety... since I already have 3 Cities (Black, Magenta, Calcaire).

    Ugh, decisions, decisions!!! :nuts:
  9. Have you seen that pic of the blue grey yet? You might wanna reconsider, girly :angel:

  10. I saw that ... and I love it ... but Bal NY doesn't have it yet, right?
  11. I just spoke to Leslie on the phone ... I just want to say - she is WONDERFUL! She took oodles of time with me, even though Kim is my regular SA. Kim is not in today. Anyway, she has put two bags on hold for me through tomorrow ... I am going to talk to Kim tomorrow and make a final decision.
  12. Well...the decision has been made. A Rouge Vif Weekender is on its way to me!!! Chaussurewhore ... your pics were my inspiration...so it's your fault, girlie! ;)
  13. :yahoo: Whoo hoo!:yahoo:

    So happy for you! Can't wait to see pictures of the beauty when it gets to you!
  14. Girl you are out of control!!!:P
    Rouge_vif weekender is going to be HOT! :yahoo: :drool:
  15. Woohooo! Great choice! Can't wait to see pics of your gorgeous new bag when it arrives!:yahoo: