If Anyone in the UK is looking for...

  1. Well I was walking past Hermes Manchester (King St) today and I saw something I would like to share, I dont really post in the Hermes Forum (Im an LVer LOL) but I know how fast LV scarfs sell out so I thought I would share these just in case they are limited etc.

    *sorry if they are not limited/limited colours and Im wrong*

    I saw:

    [] Huge Beige Scarf with Horses on it (in window)
    [] Huge fuschia scarf with horses on it (again in window)
    [] Fawn Type coloured Hac (very big, only one)
    [] Medium Brown messenger bag with Perfo "H" on it, I think called Evelyn (?)
    [] Black (or could have been navy) bag like the Bolide (not too sure if it was, couldnt see it properly)

  2. That's kind of you to think of us, thank you. Manchester is my nearest store too. The mods might move this post to the 'what have you seen and where' post or to the Hermes shopping forum.
  3. They have a couple of Bolides in Manchester at the moment. I was there yesterday.

    I'm not sure wether it is actually a HaC though, Im sure my SA there told me it was a travel Birkin. Might be wrong.

    They have some really nice bags in King Street at the moment, including one that's upstairs, which is more like luggage, with an Etriviere belt holding it closed, really roomy. Hard to describe accurately though. :drool:
  4. Hi again, its ok, I will see what else they have when I go past, I go past nearly everyday. The Travel birkin (sorry I got it wrong, i thought it was Hac but I can see it must have been a Birkin) its totally hot, how much is this ??.

    I have never bought at Hermes, i would love to take the plunge but I just dont know anything at all about it. :flowers:
  5. Aww thanks for the heads up!
    The Fuschia scarf with the horses - is it an abstract or ? Could you further describe it?

    I am looking for a few particular pieces that are a bit hard to find (impossible in fact!) ...trying to keep hope alive, as 'twere
  6. Hi Bordelle, its more traditional, its got like fuschia all around the scarf and then it goes into white and then fuschia again and the white horses have gold on them. Heres what it looks like without horses, sorry its really hard to describe. :flowers:

  7. The scarf with the horses is the new season India inspired one with many horseheads dressed in their finery. The store has started receiving its Spring Summer stock and there are more inside. See the Spring Summer scarves' thread for pictures. And, yes, its a 50cm travel birkin. Lovely but heavy - I can't remember the price but I'd be amazed if it was short of £5K.
  8. The scarf is called Mawari and comes in a variety of colourways including Black (with green) which is also stunning. Saw the fuschia colour today and I'm in love :heart:. Absolutely gorgeous but don't get paid till Tuesday so had to walk away :crybaby:. DH wasn't with me at the time so couldn't puppy dog eyes him to buy it for me (it's my birthday on Valentine's day so will be dropping HEAVY hints :love:)
  9. Aah yes, the marwari I believe...

    Thanks for the visual, S! :smile:
  10. Ahh, the good old Manchester store, don't you just love Kay, amazing SA.

    The travel Birkin is in Vach Leigee and is Naturalle, as far as I can remember, it's been there for about two months, doesn't seem too popular, its in the low £4000s, £4200 or something, I remember my SA telling me. And it's heavy. Very heavy.
  11. Oh! I :heart: That!!!!! I Just Adore Valentine's!!!!!!! What A Beautiful Birthday Gift!!!!!:heart:
  12. They are all really sweet there in my experience. Even the doorman :upsidedown:
  13. The doorman is a comic. Especially when Kay and Paul are in the same room, I never fail to leave giggling. :heart:

    In my opinion, the BEST store in the UK.
  14. It sounds like a great store, I really cant wait to shop there one day. :smile:
  15. Yepp, can't stand most of the London stores, apart from Ona at Sloane St. She's amazing :smile: