If anyone finds a pic of a truffle bag.....

  1. ..please post it asap! I am dying to see more than just a mere swatch! Truffle is the only color I am truly interested in for the new season, and secretly I am kind of hoping I don't love it. But, uh...let's face it, I am probably gonna love it!:graucho:
  2. Go to a thread from yesterday regarding bags at LVR there is a picture of a truffle bag there:smile:
  3. Ohhhh, thanks! I saw that thread before but didn't realize that the color that was listed as "tobacco" was actually truffle. It's not exactly how I imagined, and I must say....I don't love it. I don't love any of them. But once I see pics of other PF members bags, I may change my mind!
  4. ^ LoriB, LVR's other pic of the blue-grey doesn't look as good as BalNY's pic either in terms of color. Maybe there's still hope... ;)
  5. Just saw the truffle IRL at NM, Short hills ---gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! MMMMMMmmmmmm, also the grenat. IMO the two best colors this season!!
  6. No picture but I tried on the truffle purse today at NM. It's a lot darker then I thought and really nice.
  7. the leather is ALL OVER THE PLACE THIS SEASON!! the best truffle i saw was in purse size, verry cute! but the leather varies beyooooooooooond comprehension! i saw a smooshy sapin in city and a stiff, pleather-like ,smooth sapin in the work and they arrived together!! no explanation for quality control this season .:cool:
  8. I saw the Truffle at Bal NY this weekend. I didn't actually like it IRL as much as I did the swatch. It's very pretty, but for some reason, I got the feeling it might not be as versatile as some of the other colors. FWIW, the SAs described is a 'brown gravy' color. Hope that helps.
  9. One more truffle city at NM SF if any one want to try (and a couple cement city bags)...SA is Whitney...
  10. I'd go with the brown gravy description too. It really is nothing like the swatch (which seemed to have some warmth to it and I thought I'd love) - I reeeeeally disliked it - found it dull and ick - LOL. It looked brown until you put it next to something brown - then it turned an odd shade of green/brown. And you're right about it not being as versatile as you'd think - I actually brought it home and promptly returned it after looking at it in better light and trying to match it with anything.
  11. style101: I agree with you....it was SUCH a wierd shade of green/brown! I just didn't really care for it at all. Just about the only color I think it would like good with is cream.
  12. I am definitely in the minority here. I really loved the color--and think of it as a brown with cool undertones. Hmmm, what was I wearing ...oh yes, I had on black and I thought it looked great with the black. Well maybe this will be the only city bag ever that goes on sale, since it sounds like no one wants the poor thing but me.:sad:
  13. i liked it too although i didn't get the best look, i was running late as usual these days. anyway i was wearing a faded denim skirt with a white tank and thought it looked great with those colors. i was hoping it might be a good spring/summer/fall neutral option since i'm afraid of any light shades...
  14. 000hhhh, I'm so sorry -- I didn't mean to come off so harsh:sad:! It is a nice color, but it did seem to me when I really studied it that it was such a specific color, that it would be hard to wear with many different colors. To be honest, I didn't even think about it with black!
  15. No worries tkingny! :biggrin: Thankfully balenciaga makes a host of colors to suit all of our tastes!