If ANYONE finds a Day in Steel with Giant Gold Hardware, pleaaaase let me know :)

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  1. That's the bag that I am REAAAALLLLY after and I still have yet to find it. I ordered it in the Brief style, hopefully they send me the right color but who knows with dept. stores. But I would rather have the Day because it's not as heavy.

    So if anyone sees it, can you please tell me? TIA!!!!:flowers:
  2. Not that it's the same thing, but I did see a Steel in the Hobo style at Barneys in Beverly Hills yesterday. Good luck.
  3. Haha it's still there? I saw that one there 2 weeks ago. I absolutely hate the Hobo. But thanks anyway :smile:
  4. Anyone seen this combo yet?! I know it was made but it seems like NO store has it!:crybaby: