If anyone comes across the Chloe Elvire hobo at Saks, please let me know!

  1. I was thisclose to getting it last night, and then it sold out before I could check out. any color would be fine. Here's the pic from Saks:

  2. I don't know where you live, but the Saks stores will be having their additional 50% off the marked down price sale tomorrow morning from 8 am to noon. Ater that, they will be additional 40% off. I also saw this bag at NM at Tyson's Corner, VA yesterday on the sale table. Starting tomorrow, they will be having an additional 25% off their sale items.
  3. I live in Bethesda! I don't know if I'll be able to get over to Tyson's. Maybe I'll call and see if they would ship it to me. Thanks so much!

  4. If you still have the item number from saks.com, can call the 1-800 number for saks.com. SA there will be able to check the entire saks system there. If it is still in the stores, it can be shipped from the store to you. I have order items that are out of stock on saks.com but still available in stores that way. Good luck.
  5. I saw a black patent version on the sale table at Neiman's at Plaza Frontenac (St. Louis) last week....
  6. I'm pretty sure I saw this bag (or something very much like it) in the www.net-a-porter.com sale. I'm not sure if the US and UK site have the same items in the sale, but this one was on the UK site in the sale section ( Chloe / shoulder bags ). I'll keep my fingers crossed for you - I know what's it's like when there's a bag you just HAVE to own:drool: and it keeps eluding you:cursing:! Things like that can keep a girl awake at night ( or is that just me :shame:?)
  7. As Divnanata mentioned, NM did have those bags on their sale table.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I did livechat with Saks this morning and they told me that NY, Dallas, and Greenwich had it in stock. Greenwich couldn't find it, and NY and Dallas aren't answering their phones :sad:

    I think I'll try NM next...
  9. Angela, I just had another look at www.net-a-porter.com and the bag on there is described as 'Elvire Small Hobo Bag'. It's been reduced from £651 to £455. You really should check it out:yes: - I'm sure it is the same bag as depicted in your original posting !
  10. Nordstroms had this bag today on the 60% off table it was $514 you can have an SA do a search...
  11. I just checked, and I can't find it. Maybe it's because I'm on the US website? Or maybe I'm just blind?

    Thanks for letting me know!

  12. That's awesome! Which Nordstrom's were you at? I just called the Arden Fair Nordstroms, but they don't have it, and they need the UPC code in order to do a search

  13. Canoga Park, CA. I was there again about two hours ago and they had a metallic gold one. If they are not able to help you call Mary @ towson Nordies she will look for one for you 410-296-2111:smile:
  14. Angela,
    if you don't find this bag, PM me and I'll see if I can help. I may have the numbers for you but I can't check until tomorrow(Thursday).
  15. Bluefly has the bag for just over $1,000--only discounted about $300, but it is there......not the deal Saks had. Also, keep checking the Saks web site for returns.