If anyone can help me, I would love u forever!! LOL

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  1. Like a lot of ladies on here, I am looking for the red jumbo flap in red caviar with the new chain. If anyone decides not to get theirs when they get called, please message me, I really want this bag!! I saw the black today at NM and love the size, the chain, everything, but they said they are not getting red, same story when I went to Bloomies. Am I totally out of luck????:sad:
  2. i think there's a good chance for you to still find one, someone mentioned they saw one at Saks BH, don't ask me what BH stands for, and also there're alot of stores that's yet to receive their order. so keep ttrying, you still have a good chance of finding one, and if not, eBay is always an option.
  3. BH stands for Beverly Hills, they had the jumbo on friday.
  4. Try Nordstrom too. Good luck.
  5. try the chanel boutique in NY

  6. Nordstroms didnt order the jumbo in red caviar, just the med lambskin which were gone within minutes. I know because I really late on the waitlist and my SA whos a doll, was able to manipulate the system and was able to get me 1 of 3 that her store recieved even though I was not on a the mile long list :roflmfao:
  7. Does that mean that someone who was actually on the list didn't get it because of you?
  8. I wanted the red too. They didn't have it a few weeks ago at the Chanel boutique on Long Island so I bought the black. I'm happy but still dreaming and seeing "red". LOL
  9. it might still be at Selfridges in the UK, ask for Jackie, she is great
  10. Don't give up- get your name on some lists b/c you never know what might happen. I turned down this bag 3 times (was on 3 lists) and was having major regret. Then I got a 4th call and finally bought it. One of the stores called twice and I took them up on their offer the second time:graucho:
  11. Call DAmian at 1-610-667-1550 EXT 258..at SAKS in PA.They had them there..if not.he can locate any bag.
  12. I was on several lists. Just PM if you are interested and I will give you a few numbers to call ...