If anybody wants the zebra bag

  1. I know there's one at NY Saks Southhampton store, 631-283-3500
    for really really good deal. It's marked down plus additional 50% off this thursday, they can hold it for you and you get it for about $450. I would get it but I'm not a zebra gal.
  2. do you know if they had the blue and red bouviers on sale like that too. =)
  3. Mello_Yello_Jen are you still looking for this bag?
  4. aww you're the best Erica :love:

    spylove - is this the horsebit hobo w/ zebra detail or is it zebra all over?
  5. I'm not sure. The SA said it was like $2000 originally.
  6. If it is like the one I got it is the Jackie'O in zebra with leather trim, it is gorgeous!!!