if any of you girls see this, please let me know!!

  1. the m361081 the pretty fabric messenger. if anyone sees it online or at a store, in any of the 3 colours, its from the spring 2006 line thats still on the marcjacobs website i would be very grateful.
  2. I´ll keep you in mind if I see it!
  3. thanks!! really appreciate it.
  4. Do you have a picture? I never remember id numbers because I never look at tags. Only for prices.
  5. how do you copy from the mj site? is there a way to turn off the flash? its spring 2006 of marc by marc jacobs and has an oval shape.
  6. you could possbily try to "print screen" and then in any photoediting program like paint, you can crop out the item that you want. Worth a try! =)
  7. im trying but i can see it in my documents, but none of the paint programs reconize it as a image :sad:
  8. still no luck : (
  9. love to see a photo.
  10. You're a genius! It totally works!
    Here they are, direct from the MJ website. Ta-da!:wlae:
    Sunny flower, Parsnip
    Yono flower, Deep Blue
    parsnip.jpg print.jpg blueyonoflower.jpg
  11. ^ So cute!!! Aarti, great finds!
    Thithi, thanks for posting the pictures.
  12. Those are cute! I like the yellow one. I'll be on the lookout! :smile: