If any of you come out my way...

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  1. To Northern California... you let me know, I'll take you out for drinks at a bar with the cutest boys and we'll purse-talk all night! :nuts:
  2. haha you're so sweet!!

    p.s. same goes for anyone coming to d.c. (not that it's an exciting place or anything) lol
    except not for the whole bar thing since that would be illegal for me!
  3. What part of Northern CA do you live in?
    I was born in Woodland, Ca- and I lived in Davis untill I was 6. :smile:

    :-P I'm on the opposite coast now, but I could definitly use the drinks and cute boys anyways! :-P
  4. I live in San Francisco. I'm in...:nuts: And maybe we can purse watch :lol: I love checking out other people's bags and figuring out if they're fake or not. :biggrin: I'm so mean!
  5. Really?! Ha! I'm at my last year of UC Davis. :nuts: But I'm moving to the east coast after this! Where are you now?
  6. ohmygoodness! that's too funny. :smile: I think one of my cousins went there for a little bit.

    I'm currently in Tampa, but I've lived in MA ( south of Boston, and about 20 min from Providence, RI) untill this past fall. :smile: I'm going back there to finish up my senoir year. I totally reccomend New England AND Florida. :smile: Not Tampa though, Jacksonville is my favorite city here so far. :smile:

    Where are you planning on going?
  7. werd, if anyone is in HI, let me know! :biggrin: btw IntlSet, I'll probably be taking you up on that offer, I'm always in CA! :biggrin:
  8. ANNIE! I'm attending UC Davis right now!!

    Is your offer still valid if we go to the same school? I'll definitely take you up on it (except we'll have to do coffee or something since I'm still 18, almost 19)

  9. awesome, i was thinking of visiting HI sometime this year.:biggrin:
  10. wow, DC is not too far from me.
  11. Hahaha! Hey MELLO! Yeah, of course! We should definitely do coffee!!! :love:
  12. Same offer is up when you wanna go to the "Oktoberfest" or just visit Munich. I've got a pink girlie guestroom where every purse addict can find asylum!
  13. lived in SD for 6 years and loved it, wish i could go back:sad2:
  14. Well heck..if anyone comes to Okinawa...let me know...I'll show you all the great shopping hubs!!
  15. well maybe we should go to tysons galleria and drool over purses! suli lives near me, too! it would be a party:biggrin: