If An Ebayer Guarantee's Authenticity...

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  1. If An Ebayer Guarantee's Authenticity Does That Mean That If Its Fake They Have To Take It Back? I'm Really Nervous But I Found A Bag On eBay I Love And They Have Good Feedback But I Never Bought Off Of eBay Before And Im Nervous Lol
  2. there's never a guarantee they'll take it back.
    Please post a link in our Authenticate This! sticky and we can help prevent you buying a counterfeit.
  3. Right, what Amanda said above. But you can protect yourself by paying by credit card on PayPal. Also, contact your CC company in advance and find out if they will cover you if you find out the bag is fake.:yes:

    Please post the auction in the "Authenticate this..." thread in the "Shopping" subforum and we'll take a look at it.:smile:
  4. How To I Paste The Link?
  5. Thanks Im Gonna Do That Right Now
  6. Okay How Come I Cant Have Access To That Page?
  7. I PM'd you back.
    To paste a link, click on the web address as it appears in your address bar and highlight it, click CTRL & C at the same time to copy it, to paste it click CTRL & V at the same time.
  8. be very careful when you buy on eBay. Sometimes they take the picture with the Authentic bag, and they'll send you the fake one. Good Luck!
  9. I will be quite frank based on my experience...

    The claim means next to nothing and authenticity is difficult to "prove"...

    A retailer generally guarantees the authenticity of any merchandise it sells...
    A retailer generally will not guarantee the authenticity of any merchandise you bring to it for "verification"...

    It is generally up to you to "prove" merchandise is a fake...you must get this verification from someone that is "trusted" by eBay/PayPal...

    In many cases, it is more difficult for you to "prove" merchandise is fake than for a seller to claim merchandise is "authentic"...
  10. ^^^ Totally agree... That's another reason you have to be leary when seller states they will only take the bag back, if Chanel will write a letter verifying its fake. These sellers know that its impossible, and that Chanel/SA's will not authenticate.
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