If an ebayer bids on your item but has a history of buying/selling fakes...

  1. Does it bug you? Do you tell them?

    Or, if you sell a dustbag (or other accessory) and see they have lots of fake stuff, do you block them? I sell accessories and blocked some people after they asked me questions because I saw they bought/sold fake bags...was wondering if I was being a bit harsh.
  2. I actually just found out a little while ago from this board that it's possibly against eBay rules to sell dustbags or boxes! I had no idea, and I'd bought dustbags for Manolos before (somehow, I ended up with a pair from a Hong Kong MB boutique without a shoebag!) They consider it encouraging infringement. Though, now that I read the policy and the examples again, it's definitely not totally clear, but they include: An empty branded box, pouch, or tin that could be potentially used to hold and sell a similar or identical product. (exception: empty vintage boxes, pouches, or tins that can generally be considered collectible items and are sold for such purposes.) So, I'd be careful of saying anything to them, just in case they report your listings in retailiation.

  3. ^ very interesting!
  4. oh very interesting. that makes a lot of sense.
  5. I did not know that myself.... that is interesting. I actually was googling for a certain type of purse to help me list something... an LV America's Cup purse from 1995, wanted to more history on it etc... found a site that sells fake LV receipts.... I was FLOORED!!!
  6. i once read a power seller's spotting fake designer bags review, she metioned fake reciepts in it. basically dont trust all the reciepts, because she got offered fake ones for $5 each!! scammers are getting good these days...:sad: