If allowed: can you suggest GREAT Saks SA's?

  1. I need to find one asap. TIA

    I apologize if this is NOT allowed to be asked on this forum.
  2. I think Diane at the Troy, MI store is awesome!
  3. I second Diane in Troy. She's so nice.
  4. I was going to ask this also, is there one who will email pics?
  5. I highly recommend Damian in Bala Cnwyd and Brandy in San Antonio.
  6. I highly recommend Joseph of Saks NY 917-776-9353
  7. Damian in Bala Cynwyd , PA!!!
  8. Another vote for Damien from Bala Cynwyd Saks in PA. He's also a member here = DJO.:yes:
  9. THANK YOU!!!!! :yes:

  10. He's my favorite also. The number in the store is 212-940-4347. There was a thread about this awhile ago. Search it and you will find...
  11. The best SA ever is Brandi at Saks San Antonio. She's goes far and beyond for her customers and she even checks back on you after some time to see how you like your purchase.
  12. TOTALLY agree!!! He's the best!!!! Don't hesitate to call him..He's extremely accomodating and very very pleasant..1-610-667-1550 ext 258 !
  13. ^^Another vote for Damian. Great!!!!
  14. Vote for Diane in Troy. She's the best!
  15. Damien is the best!