IF Alexia

heavensent said:
going to check it out

I am such a dork. You know what I did tonight? :embarasse

I REPURCHASED ANOTHER DANG ALEXIA BAG! LOL I just SHIPPED mine back on Friday (Thursday?)....but after all the talk about the Alexia vs. the Audra, I started to doubt my decision to keep the Audra....I know that I will most likely end up sending it back...but before I actually use my Audra, I want to know for SURE. They have free shipping, and it only cost me $14 to send it back...I don't know... I wish I wasn't so wishy washy.

Now after typing this I am doubting my decision of even ordering it....why, why, why?

Think Adasa will cancel my order in the AM if I call? LOL

I need to get to bed....I am losing my mind. An almost 40 year old woman shouldn't do this.... lol
OK, too funny. I just checked, and they are out of them again...not even on the site. I wonder if the one that popped up today was the one that I returned and they put back into their inventory?