if a store (like macys) sells lv, can you use

  1. the store (mascys) gift cards towards the purchase of an lv?
  2. i haven't, but there was a prior post about Macys - and they said you could use giftcards/ as well as your macy's charge.
  3. thanks- good to know. do you know if any store (Saks, etc.) would allow this?
  4. As long as the store (LV) is inside of the dept store, you can use either their credit card or gift cards for the purchase.
  5. the only thing you don't get to use is the discount if you open up a credit card. That doesn't work on LV.
  6. You should be able to....I have a NM card, and use in the LV boutique that is in the store. The registers that are in the store are part of the NM chain, so it accepts its card.

    You should call Macy's to confirm though.
  7. yay. i have a macys gift card!
  8. yes you can.

    HOWEVER you cannot do a phone order/charge send with the gift cards unless you are physically present at the store because they have to scan the cards and the register won't accept keyed in numbers
  9. Yes you can. But you can't use LV gift cards as it will not go through their system.
  10. thank you everyone!
  11. are you planning on the macy's in nyc cuz thats the only macy's with a vuitton in it ;)
  12. I have used a buy some/get some card with LV at Saks.
  13. there are actually I think three macys with lv in it. Call 866 to find out the others.