If a Speedy has feet...

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  1. ... that means its a fake, right?

    The rudest woman I ever met today was carrying a Speedy with little gold feet!
  2. That is correct! Authentic speedys do not have feet.

    And if you don't mind me asking, what did this rude woman do/say to you? :blink:
  3. Alex, I'll take "snobby bi-otch with fake for $500" -yep, fakety fake fake!
  4. I heard you could take in your speedy and get feet put on.
  5. hmmm :hrmm: ..........maybe, but it seems that the speedy would touch the ground anyway because it would sag down between the feet.:biggrin:
  6. I saw a Mizi yesterday with feet :biggrin:
  7. I think Mizi should have feet and louis vuitton engraved on them. Correct me if I was wrong... LV_Addict ???
  8. :roflmfao: You should have told her, you can't "afford" to be rude.
  9. Well, I noticed the fake Speedy because my bag accidently bumped her bag as I was squeezing by. I said, "Oh, excuse me!" And she replied, "Yeah, next time watch yourself."

    Eeek!!! I thought she was going to beat me with her fake Louis!! :shocked:
  10. You will be so traumatized if she beat you with her fake louis [​IMG]

    I saw pretty blonde in Tiffany carry fake speedy with feet. I was in shocked. I haven't seen that bad fake for while. I thought they are getting so much better now.
  11. I have a bad habit of staring at fake bags and counting each wrong thing about the bag lol...
  12. LOL! Heck yes! :amazed: :cry:
  13. Oh, it's SO weird now. When I see a fake-o I get so embarressed for the person and quickly look away. Ive been giving the lowdown on fakes to my fiancee so much (he's really into watches and fake ones drive him nuts!) that the other day we were walking in chelsea and he pointed at a store window and said "thats fake!". I walked to im, looking at te Fendi bag he was pointing at , thinking, there is NO way thats fake, it's perfect!
    When I went up close i realised it really WAS fake! I have trained him well!

    Now he can spot the fake-os as well! Its happened a bunch of times where we both are like thats fake because of blahh blah....
  14. How funny LondonBrat! My DH does the same thing. We went out to eat the other night and this woman had an awful fake Noe. I didn't notice it first. He says "look, look, omg, how fake". I didn't know he cared! Maybe he has accepted my new handbag addiction:P
  15. Right you are!!!:smile: Mizi does have feet!