If a seller's item title is e.g. balenciaga-esque...

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  1. Im just wondering is this still breaking eBays rules even though not actually claiming to be real?

    Should it be reported? Also i thought listings were monitored by eBay before being listed so wouldnt a eBay rep have disregarded it immediately seeing the word esque??

    Cheers just curious.
  2. It really depends on exactly WHAT they are saying... if they use a certain designers name in the auction and the bag is NOT made by that designer, that's keyword spamming and trademark infringement and SHOULD be reported.
  3. "balenciaga-esque" would definitely be a trademark violation. on a similar topic, i came across an auction with "BRAND NEW" in the title, but the text of the auction said the item was used. i reported it because i felt it was misleading (and possibly spamming) but ebay didn't care.
  4. designername~esque is a keyword spamming violation.
  5. If the bag is fake, whether the seller claims it is authentic or not is irrelevant, as fBay rules prohibit the sale of counterfeit handbags.
  6. Definitely should be reported but don't know how it actually got past the Ebay reps as they are supposedly screening the auctions?
  7. I thought exactly the same thing! Love your dog by the way - absolutely beautiful :smile:
  8. I reported a bag that is Balenciaga "inspired," and I thought that was against *bay rules (and illegal), too, but it did not get removed. So, I am not sure where they draw the line anymore.
  9. *bay once pulled one of my listings because I described my item as "like new" in the title. According to the folks at *bay I was guilty of keyword spamming, because the item was used, as was clearly stated in the sub-title and the listing. To this day, I still stand by my description - the bag was perfect. Anyway, my point is, who knows what's going to get past the *bay screeners anymore. I see tons of fakes everyday and this board is filled with honest sellers who face selling limits and have their listings pulled with no rhyme or reason. It just doesn't make sense.