If a seller agrees to accept a return, is he or she obligated to pay for return ship?

  1. I have a buyer asking for a refund, and I am totally agreeable to give her a full refund (original price + shipping she paid), but am I obligated to pay her to ship the bag back to me?
  2. I have expected it as a buyer in cases where there was something materially wrong between the listing and what I received. For example I won an auction for shoes in one size and another size was sent to me. I would do the same as a seller if I made a mistake like this.

    If the error was not a shipping or listing error that I do not refund return shipping as a seller. I wouldn't expect it as a buyer either.
  3. As a seller, if I make a mistake in listing I refund shipping both ways.

    If buyer decides they don't want it, they pay shipping both ways.
  4. i wouldn't refund shipping costs...but you should mention that in your listing next time.
  5. I dont offer refunds - which I state on all auctions - but if I get a *really* difficult buyer and the problem they have is not my fault (ie they didnt read the auction or whatever) I dont pay shipping either way. I tell them I will refund the item price once I receive it back. If it was something that was my fault (like I put the wrong size or colour or whatever) I would pay shipping.
    I sold a pair of phones a while back stating that one didnt work but I didnt know what the problem was - but the other worked fine and the end bid was reasonable (around $30) for one working cordless phone that was $200 when I bought them not long before. The winner then emailed me to say that one didnt work (duh) and it was going to cost $30 to get a technician to look at it. They wanted some money back. The shipping was $15 as they were in a box with packaging, and so I said I wasnt going to give a partial refund as I had explained in the auction that one didnt work (several times) and Id refund the full item price once I received them back. Well he did not take this option because he would have paid $30 all up in shipping fees to get $30 back, but I stuck to my guns as I described them correctly and he was just looking for a freebie! i had several bidders on the item and would have preferred to get them back and relist them in the hope someone who could read would win second time round that give this guy a free ride.
  6. I usually don't refund any of the shipping costs, but in some cases have refunded the original shipping the buyer paid. I never refund the amount it cost to send the item back to me, and you are not obligated to do so. If you buy something online from a retailer, sometimes they send a prepaid return label with your item, but unless it's a big company, retailers don't refund the cost to send the item back.