If a movie was made based on your life...

  1. would you be able to watch the entire thing from beginning to end without cringing?
  2. Absolutely not! I wouldn't even want to try. But I can't help but wonder if it wouldn't be good for me on some level.:s
  3. no wayyyy LOL
    everything's recorded in film or writings must've exagerrated somewhere.
    my bf was documented by a mexican video artist, and it's even exagerrated in some points, he was so embarassed and have so many complaints about how some part of his "was" a traumatic experience turns out to be a massive traumatic experience that haunts his life until now in the documentary LOL
  4. no way!
  5. Unfortunately not!
  6. Who would you cast as yourself?
  7. No!
  8. ummm... no.... it'll be really embarrassing...and "wild" lol
  9. **SHUDDER**

    HECK NO.......eek..........
  10. No!
  11. Ugh! Never in a million years would I watch such trash, LOL!!! Though parts of it would be HILARIOUS!
  12. Not at all. Living it is enough!
  13. Hahaha... glad to see that I'm not the only one. >_<
  14. I'd die... :p Some things I'm trying so hard to forget hehehehe
  15. No way!:yucky: