If a Genie Granted You 3 Bal items.....

  1. ...and you could get anything you want ever made by Balenciaga what would you get?:yes:

    (Just saw a similar threat in the Hermes forum and thought this would be fun;))
  2. Violet City
    Mystery Green City
    Eggplant City
  3. 04 Black City
    Rouge Theatre First
    Marigold First

    Fun thread!
  4. (1) Metalic grey City with regular silver hardware.

    (2) Shiny white City with Silver Giant Harware.

    (3) A new bag that is as long as a part-time but higher(deeper) with straps, in Metalic Black color with regular silver harware

    Oops sorry... if I had to get a bag that was already made... then I'd get

    (1) Metalic Grey City RH
    (2) Natural Brieg with GH
    (3) Marigold City
  5. anis weekender
    indigo weekender
    black weekender

  6. 1. French Blue Work
    2. Eggplant City
    3. Rouge Theatre Work
  7. 1)Black flat brass in matte leather
    2)Black flat brass in matte leather
    3)Black flat brass in matte leather
  8. Black Weekender w/Pewter hardware
    Black City w/Pewter hardware
    Black coin purse (or wallet)

    I'm on a black kick right now:p
  9. Oh lord. Is it three items, or three wishes? And do I get to keep what I've already got, or do I have to include them in the wishes?

    If its three wishes:

    1) Every style made in Apple Green.
    2) Turquoise Work (actually, everything made in Turq too, but I thought that was too greedy:graucho: )
    3) Flat brass black first - I want the longer strap! Or 05 Pewter.

    If its only three bags then:

    1) Apple Day
    2) Turq Work
    3) Black FBF.
  10. 04 Turquoise Work or Weekender
    Eggplant Box (was this ever made?)
    05 Chocolate Twiggy (what was I thining when I returned this)
  11. Rouge theatre Weekender
    Greige Work
    Magenta clutch
  12. 1. Chocolate Flat Brass Hobo
    2. Turquoise 05 Work
    3. Rouge Theatre Work
  13. 1. Bleu Glacier First
    2. Bleu de France City
    3. Vert Gazon Makeup Clutch

    ...but ask me again next week, I bet I'll have changed my mind. :rolleyes:
  14. "04 dark turquoise city
    '03 red city
    '04 marigold city
  15. 03 red first
    black work with GH
    burgundy pebbled flat brass first