If a Balenciaga Bag were pregnant.....

  1. okay guys. I had to borrow from atelier.naff...I hope she is okay with that, but I didn't have any other reference for colours..

    I'll mix and match more, I want to try adding black to all the colours and see how pretty deep hues it will create.


    aaannddd...i need a life ...
    2006-prespring.jpg 2006-prefall.jpg 2005-prefall.jpg 2004-brass.jpg 2004-silver.jpg
  2. some with a touch of black...
    2005-fall.jpg 2005-spring.jpg 2003-fw.jpg
  3. WOW I love this!!!! Fun! send it to Balenciaga as a reminder that there are other colors besides blue blue blue and blue. :P
  4. wow! how fun is this? :P
    thanks eeyore!!!
  5. wow! that is awesome!
  6. :flowers:
    nice colors!
  7. If BBags could make babies, what do we do with all 'em goat skins after we've eaten the insides? *thinks lamb chops* :drool:
  8. lol...really...we should try making these mixtures..we have to find the right bag for our own and they need to commit. No bags out of wedlock. :roflmfao:
  9. o0o0o I want a cross between magenta and eggplant!!! raspberry!

    and I love your cross between marigold and sapin! I'd love something a little lighter... yellow-green citrusy, not super bright, but dif. acidic. maybe a cross between yellow 03 and origan? that'd be so fabulous!
  10. I want the purple, pinks and lilac. Tell Balenciaga to hire you to choose colors. :yes: A peachy or salmon color would be gorgeous!
  11. mmm i like the salmon idea! If they hire me, i'll grab all the purses in the stock room and throw them up in the air and twirl around with glee!