If a bag is is too beat up to sell...

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  1. So I have a Coach Carly bag that I used many times. Now it is so beat up that I hesitate to use it. I am going to work on it but if I can't fix it up, it would be so hard to throw out. What do you do if you have a bag that you loved and used many, many times... and it becomes so beat up you no longer want to carry it? Do you ever throw out a bag?? The very idea makes me so sad :crybaby: but then again it would make room for a new bag... :graucho:
  2. This is a great question! I too have a gorgeous bag that looks fantastic on the outside but somehow I managed to get pen marks on the inside so I'm almost "embarassed" to sell it even with full disclosure and tons of pics... The thought of selling anything that is less than perfect makes me uncomfortable... But it is too heavy for me and I know I'll never carry it because of the weight... But, I purchsed it at full retail so the thought of throwing away a $650 bag that looks great on the outside is unbearable... :shrugs:

    Guess I'm not much help... but I sympathize! :P
  3. You could send it to JAX to be refirbished. That is one of the things that initially drew me to Coach years ago.
  4. Hm, if its a bag you feel is so beat up you can't stand the idea of carrying it, more than likely no one else will want it, but that being said if you hate throwing it in the garbage, you can always donate it. Someone may want it.
  5. i would still list it, especially if it looks acceptable from the outside. when i couldn't afford pricey bags, i would have had no problem getting a substantial discount (i.e. paying $100 for a $500+ bag) because the bag had a few flaws. those flaws show with normal wear and tear usually anyway.

    maybe try bonanzle, so it won't cost you anything to list.
  6. If it's not too totally wrecked, you could give it to a tween or teenager-- I had a few bags that were too beat up to be worth eBaying and my 11 y.o. niece was happy to have them. Or there's always the local charity shop-- you can tax-deduct it.
  7. I always donate my items I couldn't throw it out, plus someone will find it and appreciate it. :smile:
  8. i keep all my bags. i try and part with them but i can't. right now i have an old MJ bag of my mom's that's in bad shape- the handle split in the middle and i think she tried to sew it up or something. i could take it to a shoemaker and i bet they would fix it but right now it's just sitting in my closet. most of my used and loved bags have sentimental value to them so i can't let them go. i only sell or give away the ones i don't love...
  9. Send it to Coach for "repair". Most likely they won't do anything to it and will send you a 40% discount for a new bag....and your old bag back. THEN you can donate it. :yes:
  10. You should donate it. Or you could try selling it. Just mark it down reasonably for the wear and tear that is on it
  11. I didn't realize I could ask Coach to repair it! How do I do that - is there any info online i.e. what address do I send it to, do I need the receipt (which I don't have), do I need to call to let them know I am sending it?
  12. Just take it to your boutique and they will take care of it for you. It costs $20 to send it in.
    If you are not near one, then there are instructions on the website. In that case I would call them.
    I just did this myself with an old legacy bag, and they sent it back with a 40% off discount on a future purchase.
  13. This is great!!! Thank you so much. I have a boutique right near my job so I will bring it to them tomorrow (I didn't bring the bag with me today). I'll post an update so everyone knows what happened :smile:
    Thanks again!!!
  14. If Coach gives you a credit and sends your old bag back I would use the $$ to take it to Artbag in Manhattan and have it re-lined. They do an amazing job. Your bag will be good as new, and you could keep using it or sell it with pride.
  15. I listed a Kate Spade Sam that I adored but I thought was too gross to carry (had a TON of stains, dust in all the cracks, etc.). I figured no one would bid but it ended up selling for $20. The person LOVED it, stains and all! Sure I only made $20 but I was going to donate it (or more likely, hide it in my closet forever) anyway and I made someone feel like they got a bargain so you never know what some people are willing to buy.