If a bag is fake... *on Ebay*

  1. If they are fake, but on the listing says nothing about it being Authentic or doesn't even state the bag's name like "Bella," but it does say "Lesportsac" "Tokidoki Infero,"(For example) can I report them for sending me a bad bag?

    And what if the seller says that they has NO idea that it was fake or not?

    Oh and of course, it's not returnable "All sales are final" thing.

    Could I file a claim with Paypal or eBay?
  2. Did this happen to you?? Cuz that sucks!

    I don't think they can do anything if the seller didn't claim for it to be authentic.
  3. What exactly did they call it? I think you can if they claim it's tokidoki or LeSportsac and it's not.. I'm not the best authority on that though.
  4. Do you have the listing?
  5. I don't really want to give anything away, I was reading old threads. You guys said you got drama because of naming something.
    But I'll describe it the best I can.

    They said it was "Tokidoki Infero" inspired by "Lesportsac" They had everything in quotations, so they never directly said it was Lesportsac.

    It looks really real. Looked exactly like the style. Then I find out it says "Flower Spring" all over it. Instead of "tokidoki for lesportsac"

  6. If the listing does not claim the bag to be authentic and the style of the bag is not stated, then most likely its a inspired or imitated item. Since its not stated on the listing, there's no way you could claim back your money. Because, afterall, the item is as described, and there's no words conveying the merchandise to be authentic, if its assumed, then its not seller's problem.
    Sorry you had this experience, maybe if you show us the listing, we could see what we can do to help you out.

  7. notice you just said "INSPIRED" by lesportsac, thats a dead giveaway, its FAKE.
  8. It is still against ebays' policy to sell inspired bags so you can try to make a claim and get your money back. Your grounds of arguement is that you were misinformed about the product!
  9. So I can't really do anything then. Cause they never said it was Authentic. And Never directly said it was "LeSportsac." And Always have everything in quotes.

    Ok. Thanks for the help. I'll ask here now, every time I buy on eBay. :tup:
  10. Does that mean that this (for example) would be a lost cause because the seller stuck the word "like" at the end of the title? That really stinks.

  11. I thought that too... I thought you're not required to put "authentic" because whatever you're selling on e-bay is supposed to be authentic anyway.
  12. That is bad. I hope you get your money back! Is it atleast a good fake?? ;)
  13. As Swtest2Lips said, it's still against eBay policy to sell "inspired" bags. I think you could still make a very good case to get your money refunded for a fake bag, particularly if you paid through Paypal.
  14. Yes, it was a "good" fake.
  15. I think it's still worth filing a claim with ebay to try to get your money back - if the auction wording and photos were vague enough to fool you into thinking you were buying a real bag, state that very clearly in your claim.