Iena Vs Neverfull

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  1. Hmmm...I have the Neverfull DE in MM and have loved it ever since I got it (about 2 years ago) but now not sure what I was thinking but it seems like the Iena is well loved too by a lot of people! Now I'm wondering about switching over, just for the sake of having a zipper. My one issue is sometimes I would like the bag to not be too exposed, and it sometimes falls off the car seat and things fall out. I might just get a DA PM or MM in the Iena and still keep the NF so at least I have two prints I can alternate. Thoughts? Comparisons? Anyone have both and prefer one over the other?
  2. hi
    I do not have the iena, but have the same NF you have an love it. I would keep it and add to your collection, not just sell and replace.
    I searched and there are some threads similar to your question:

  3. I found these reviews very helpful while considering Iena. I have both, and love both as well.
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