Idylle Speedy vs. Epi Speedy


May 2, 2006
San Francisco, CA
I just got the Idylle Speedy in Encre (blue). It's really beautiful and super functional as a cross-body. But I'm wondering if it's worth the price...after all, it's canvas when for the same price I could get the gorgeous Epi Speedy in Cassis (purple).

What do you guys think? I think I would wear the Idylle more because of the color and the cross-body but canvas won't last the way the Epi leather will. I'm also afraid if someone spills a drink on the canvas it will be ruined! Should I exchange?


Feb 13, 2010
I prefer epi too. Am planning to get one in cassis myself, just don't know which size to get until I try them on. What size in epi would you get kosin30? I'm told the sizing is different for the epi speedy(?)


Mar 25, 2010
I like epi too although the Idylle strap is a huge plus. I guess it really depends on whether you want a casual-looking bag (Idylle) or more formal one (Epi).

Coral3, I've seen both epi 25 and 30 IRL and the size of epi 25 is in-between mono 25 and 30 while epi 30 is in between mono 30 and 35. So epi 25 looked pretty teeny on me and 30 looked a little huge. But then i reasoned that it's more economical to get the 30 since the difference in price is pretty minimal and it's easier to take things in and out of 30... One day when I finally decide to get Cassis epi speedy, I would get the 30. May that day come soon!
Nov 22, 2009
oh i love the cassis... IDEAL ;)
i heard that it is being discontinued?
must get one before it is...
i realllly think you should get the epi.. you will use it more, and its more durable...


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May 7, 2008
I was in the same thought process too. :thinking:

I am concerned about the quality of the Idylle fabric, but I love the versatility of the shoulder option. The 2K Bohemian bag (sorry, forgot the name but Meg owns one) one tPFer had pilling issues almost immediately. I know it is not as expensive as that Bohemian bag and the fabric is different, but for $1.1K I don't trust this delicate material. If this style bag was offered in Mono/Damier canvas for the same price, I'd be tempted to get it.

I find that the monogram/damier canvas to be the most rugged and strongest material--stronger than the Idylle fabric or epi leather itself. For me, if I purchase an Idylle, it's like going backwards and buying a weaker fabric bag and paying more just for the shoulder strap option.

I was contemplating the Epi Cassis Speedy 30 too. In the SLG it looks rather dull, but in the Speedy shape the Cassis colour is stunning! :nuts: The only thing I worry about is that the stuff inside the bag will pull the bag down abit and eventually cause wrinkles. :wtf: Also, where you pull open the bag to take a peek inside your bag will cause further wrinkling. I have seen enough eBay pix of older epis to cringe at the condition of them.

Tough choices but, for me, decision was to purchase neither. After hearing that the Epi Cassis may disappear, I will miss it even more. :sad: Ah well, :shrugs: I do have my Damier Ebene and Monogram canvas Speedys to keep me happy. :biggrin:
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