IDs in celebrity style threads

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  1. I don't understand why we can't post IDs in the celebrity style threads. When there are dozens of pictures of a celeb posted in their own style thread, why should we have to clog up the ID thread with the exact same pictures? For a given celeb outfit, there would have to be like 5-6 single ID threads!

    I honestly think it's just easier to do IDs in the thread itself....It's a good reference too because you see ALL their outfits, and then all the ID's just a couple posts below it. It's too confusing to have to search all over the ID forum just to find out what belt Olivia Palermo wore.
  2. I understand why it is frustrating for you all, and understand that you do not want to go elsewhere, but for now we still want to leave it as we have it set up - we have plenty of people asking ID questions and that is why there is an area that can stand alone in.

    The style threads are more for pictures of the person - if you know what they are wearing when you post a picture, feel free to include it in there. But there is an entire active section to help ID what someone is wearing, and right now we are asking that you do that there.
  3. Thanks for the explanation, Megs.