Idle AC bag

  1. So I wore my AC Ruby mini city to a wedding on Saturday night, it was a pretty swanky wedding and everyone wore black tie and red accents. I didn't know anyone but the couple getting married and the girl that was my date, so I wasn't willing to put my purse down. And luckily I didn't. I was grabbed by 6 women (my friend was just totally freaked out by this time) and told that if I leave that bag unattended they will steal it and run for the hills. I have never gotten so many compliments. The "crappy" bag I retired in favor of this got TONS of them because people loved how simple it was, but this is just ridiculous! ;)

    Just makes me love it more.

  2. I would grab it too if you put it down for a second! I want an AC ruby mini city too!!:yes:
    That color and the shine in the leather really stands out - love it!:heart:
  3. What does AC stand for. Excuse my ignorance I have no idea.
  4. Thanks I had no idea.
  5. Wow ame, I don't know what's scarier - your walk to work or being circled by these women who're after your purse LOL! Seriously, I'm glad that you're so happy with your decision and that the AC has worked out so well for you, congrats!
  6. I'm jealous cause the ruby is sooo gorgeous! I have this is Snow metallic and got 2 compliments at the mall yesterday too!
  7. I like that Ican wear it under my coat at work ;) I did at the grocery store yesterday too!
  8. Wow - I just looked at your other thread....that bag is HAWT!!!

    I'd hit you over the head and take that bag too. :graucho: (joking of course!):p Seriously, I noticed you just got I'm going to have to find it at my Nordies!!
  9. funny!