idle hands are the devil's tools....

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  1. i'm nursing a cold right now so the whole weekend was spent in bed resting...and surfing the net, purse forum being one of the sites i visited. ack! i was looking through the celebrities and their watches thread and now i feel like i NEED a rolex. :nuts: goodness.

    anybody else have too much time on their hands and end up lusting after something on the purse forum after hours of drooling over the pictures? what is it?
  2. I never would have known about Cartier Love bracelets if not for TPF! I think Megs and Vlad should get some of that stimulus money!
  3. Girrrrrl, I NEED a Rolex too!

  4. me too!!!! my love bracelet came about all because of some drool action on the purse forum.
  5. which one? :graucho:
  6. A black J12...sign...I just got a Rolex 2 weeks ago, and now i CAN'T STOP thinking about a 38mm black J12!!!
  7. I'm happy w/ basis :biggrin:
    An oyster bracelet datejust w/ diamond markers :love:
  8.'re baaaaaaaad. your rolex is beautiful....not even a month old yet :P
  9. ack me too!! two tone or stainless steel?
    man, talking like this is no good for my wallet......
  10. I love my datejust! AND would take a rose gold cartier love bracelet in a heartbeat if I could!
  11. I know.....I really shouldn't!!
  12. Ugh, all this recent talk of gold watches has got me craving a gold watch again. DH said it's not gonna happen until I graduate. :sad:

    I love my Datejust too! A gold version would be pretty, no?

    Ugh!! :nono:
  13. well, since i have wanted a men's ss air king rolex for years, i definitely can't blame that on tPF—but wish i could.

    i don't get impulsive needs when perusing tPF with designer handbags. before my daughter was born, i had tons of LV items (handbags, luggage, vanity, accessories, etc.) as well as 4 chanel bags, 2 chanel wallets, 2 gucci bags, 1 gucci wallet, prada bag, and lots more unfortunately.

    it was just insane. by the time my daughter was born, i realized that they were all unnecessary in my life so i pretty much sold it all on ebay except for one LV bag and my LV agenda. i have been really good ever since. i guess for me, since i had it already, i realized i didn't need it. but i must admit, seeing pics of that gorgy hermes birkin definitely makes me :drool:, but i could never ever spend that kind of money for a handbag—unless i won the lottery of course.

    now jewelry? that's a different story entirely. a girl can never have too much jewelry/bling—just as long as she doesn't wear it all at the same time. ;)
  14. I'm curious if my mom will pop into this thread. She's mostly a lurker since she feels intimidated by everyone, but she does get new ideas from this forum. Instead of getting an e-ring upgrade (she still wears her .5ct), she went for the platinum/steel Rolex. It's so gorgeous!
  15. omg, an all gold version would be gorgeous....not that i'm enabling :P