IDIOT SELLER? I paid w/Paypal, seller refunds via mailed check! Wrong address too!!!

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  1. -I paid with Paypal for my item and notified the seller of the incorrect shipping address (currently at school and not home)
    -Seller mailed it to the school address and it arrived damaged (not stated in auction).
    -Seller agreed for a refund so I mailed it back (return address=school address).
    -Seller received it 1 week ago and did nothing.
    -I continuously messaged the seller for a refund.
    -Seller messages me back after several days asking how much the refund was.
    -I told the seller the full amount and my Paypal email address
    -Waited a whole day and no response from seller
    -I failed a claim last night
    -Seller emails me this morning and says she's sending a check to my home address (which I won't be able to receive)

    What happens if her check bounces? Will they cost me anything to my bank account? Why couldn't she just Paypal me the account? Thats the correct thing to do, no?!!
  2. Did she say why she's sending you a check? Ask her why, but also ask why she won't use Paypal. I think you may want to stick with your claim.
  3. That's weird...

    I'm currently dealing with a slight but similar situation on eBay too. I won an item and paid with PayPal, but sellers kept emailing me to remind me to pay. I keep replying and said I paid already, and I received another email from seller today threatening me if I don't pay by this weekend she will leave me a negative. Well, obviously this seller is not aware that sellers no longer can leave negs to buyers. BUT IT IS ANNOYING that she keeps emailing me and not understand the word "I ALREADY PAID YOU!"
  4. lol, sorry for the rant.

    If I were you, I would not receive the check. If the check bounced, you will be charged the penalty from your bank. I would ask seller to refund via PayPal.
  5. Tell her to put a stop payment on the check. You want the funds returned to you - just as you sent them to her via Paypal.

  6. I had the same problem. I immediately paid for something. Turns out it was the sellers account. Call paypal - I did.
  7. ^^ what did PayPal do to resolve your issue?
  8. check's in the mail eh, that old chestnut...
  9. It's pretty clear that she doesn't want to issue you the refund (or perhaps she already spent the money and doesn't have it to give back). Either way, don't accept the check. Just tell her that you need to be refunded via paypal. It's in both of your best interests to keep it on record that way. If she refuses, I would notify paypal.
  10. Since you've returned the item to her, she needs to refund your Paypal payment. I think you just need to provide Paypal the tracking number of your return in the claim and you'll get your refund back if she is an honest seller.
  11. No way! Tell her that you want your refund the same way you paid, through paypal. I would keep the dispute open until you have your money. I would not take a check may bounce, and your bank will charge you a fee...causing you to be out even more money!
  12. Report it to Paypal. They'll do the work and you'll get your money back. Ignore the check.
  13. Whatever happened? Did the check bounce?
  14. This sounds like the making of a scam to me. Cover your bases and work with paypal on the matter to pull the funds from her account and forget the check.
  15. Did you send back the package with tracking? If so, that's good!

    Call PayPal and tell them what's going on.