Identity Theft at a Chinese website!!! TPF USERID/Posts/Pix stolen and used!

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  1. #1 Jul 16, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2009
    Hi ladies,

    I'm not sure where to post this, but I think this is a BIG DEAL with regard to web identity theft and copyright and IP. And since some of the USERIDs involved are mine, Larkie's (ldldb), Pchans etc.....I think posting it here might be useful since Larkie and I are "regulars" in the Chanel subforum

    Anyway, I was curious to see what will show up if I googled "miacillan". Then this "" site came up. I am so shocked to see that my avatar, my son's picture and also my exact same post I did in my April birthday reveal here in Chanel sub-forum were on this website! I've never heard of it and I'm not a member, so I'm so frustrated that someone dares to steal my identity and my posts and my pix!! (My pix have been stolen and misused by a lot of ruthless Chinese and Thai websites before, but this one is way more serious as they also use the exact same identity and posts here in TPF.)

    Not only mine, I also see Larkie's username (ldldb) and avatar stolen and used. Since I don't have access to this website, I can't open most of the threads to investigate further what this site is up to!!!

    Anyway, here are a couple of links which I'm talking about:
    ==> this page, I didn't write the post, and see Larkie's "ldldb's" post too at the very end. "Larkie" has 187 posts in total if you click the user name!!! I bet some posts there are stolen from Larkie's ODJ thread!!!:mad: Somebody there is claiming that she is Larkie and myself!!
    ==> those are my exact same posts in my Birthday reveal thread in April, but the person who uses my ID miacillan and avatar is NOT me!!!!!:cursing:
    ==> see the titles of the threads and the username ldldb and miacillan (which are NOT written by Larkie and myself). The titles must have pictures and threads directly copied from here and then pretend that those bags/collections are theirs!!
    ==> see Larkie's ID stolen and her pics.....

    Mods, can we sue this site? Anyway to solve this? I think this website will steal every post/USERIDs/Pix from tPF in the long run. So, there must be a way to stop it right? Please advise.

    This is beyond Chanel. This is about "TPF in danger".....hmmm.

    I hate these ruthless Chinese websites!!! :yucky::rant:

    For all the ladies here, please be careful when posting things online. Sigh.....I am always a victim!!! I need a lawyer!!!:pout:
  2. Can we notify the major search engines Google, Yahoo, etc of fraud and identity theft and have them block these web sites from coming up? And if the site is marketing or does sales to the US isn't there an agency to investigate fraud - I'm sure it's a felony if this would be happening here.

    Let us know what you find out.
  3. OMG!!!! I can't believe a someone posing as a "tpfer" would do this?!!!! This world is a scary place, even in cyber world!

    Thank you for bringing this situation to light!

    I hope these thieves can be caught!
  4. I would say the world is scary, especially in cyber space where it is very difficult to police and people can hide their identities. I can understand how annoying this is, but what exactly is this site trying to accomplish by posing as Mia and Larkie to post on their purse blog? Unfortunately, I will bet the thief is a tPF member who has targeted the more prolific members with extensive collections in order to boost their own website.
  5. Hi Malinda,

    Thanks for your suggestion. I will try to write to Google and Yahoo and see what they say.

    I can read Chinese, and from the way the site was created, I think it resembles a lot with our own tPF. I don't see any selling activities there from the things written on the titles.

    I want to kill this site!!! :bagslap:

  6. Yes!! It's definitely scary. And I know there are a lot of stalkers here at tPF illegally making use of what we post and what we said to do their own "thing".

    I'm so sad and frustrated to see this. I have to do something to warn this website. :nono:

  7. OMG! That's horrible! I can't believe they stole your pictures and posed as you....nuts! I'd be SO PISSED!
  8. Holy crap that is horrible. But are they "selling" anything per say?? I forgot to look, but if you watermarked your photos, they could be using your ID so that they can pass the bag off as their own for looks or appearances. Maybe you can change your avatar every so often?

    I'm so sorry, this really sucks.
  9. Hmm.. interesting to note that sometimes both fakers post on the same thread. Either it is the same person faking both you and ldldb or two separate fakers are faking each one of you. Aren't they wary that they can get found out if the other poster happens to be the real mccoy? Perhaps they are well aware that both of them fakers?
  10. It's always sad to see this. . . but to be honest, it doesn't mean it's a tPFer. You DO NOT have to be a member here to read the forums. ANYTIME you post anything on the internet anyone can easily lift it. :sad:
  11. I'm sorry that you are upset... but I am afraid no lawyer is going to be able to help you with this. Using someone's online identity and acting as them is something that can happen to anyone, anywhere. Usually it's just some lonely, pathetic individual who wants to live vicariously through others. Copy and pasting an alias and some pictures is an easy and convenient way to slip into someone else's shoes.

    Luckily the damage is not as severe as becoming a victim of actual identity theft that could leave you with a whole lot more lost than a few pictures. :idea:
  12. What I can recommend is that you try to contact the administrators at the site and explain the situation in short. Hopefully they will remove the materials and ban the account. Hard to say if they will comply or even understand enough English to know what it is that you need done.

    Law suits targeting some Chinese individual or any other sort of legal pressure would just be a waste of time and money imo.
  13. ohh dearrr.... that is sooooooooooooo creepy!!!!!!!!! i'd been darn piss as well...
    i like the descriptions that Vlad used... "lonely, pathetic individual who wants to live vicariously through others" .. that pertty much sums it up!!
    if I were u I would find a way to contact that particular no good individual and ask how he/she got the guts to do such a thing!!
  14. Wow, what nerve! I agree w/Vlad, looks like someones just copying, pasting your pics saying it is their stuff (Love those Chanel Earrings btw). I don't know what I'd do. I think I'd have to join this forum and call them out on it. Does that sound crazy?