Identity Crisis!! Help!!!

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  1. I have been so out of the loop-I am totally unaware of the name of this wonderful bag-I picked it up at Saks last week with the help of my friends discount of 54%-double plus 10!! I was waiting for it to come in, and it just happened to come in last thursday in the midst of the employee event. What is its name? I borrowed a pic from website til I photograph mine. BTW-its huge and light.:nuts::heart::nuts::heart::woohoo::love:

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  2. Very pretty, I love all the quilting. I think this bag is vinyl, but I do not know it's name. Can't wait to see your pictures when you get it.
  3. I'm afraid I can't help in identifying it either, but it's a beautiful bag and congrats on your lovely (discounted!) purchase. :smile:
  4. 54% off????????? wow, that's a really good price, congrats!
  5. much is the actual price? i didnt know chanel was making even more vinyl bags..i kinda want one
  6. The actual price of the bag was 2250 and I was on the fence with it being vinyl. When I got the call and it was double discount with the additional 10 I jumped on it. I got it for 1035, shipped so no tax and free ship. It doesn't feel as vinyl as the rock bags do. I love it!!
  7. What A Good Price You Got There!
  8. Amazing price on a gorgeous bag - congrats ! :yes:
  9. It's beautiful, and a great deal!! Congrats!
  10. oohh i wish i could get that kinda discount :drool: