Identity crisis? Am I a Birkin, Kelly or both gal (PS I know I am a dork)

  1. Ok my friends, a week into the Hermes forum and I am already making a pest of myself!!
    Well I first bought my Kelly--ebene, 35, ph, chevre de coramandel--and I absolutely love to just gaze at her...but I never carried her yet...
    Then I bought my Birkin--black, 35, gh, clemence--and again love at first sight but I immediately packed all my stuff in her and although I haven't gone anywhere today, I have carried her around all day from room to room!!
    I love the casual vibe of the Birkin and it feels more me. The Kelly is very sophisticated and ladylike and I just don't know if that is me....
    Here a pix of me with Kelly and Birkin....Please give me your honest opinions...Who am I???

    Or Kelly gal

    Or could I be both???
  2. You're both :heart:
  3. You're both, it's great that you have a mix of colours and hardware yet both bags are very neutral and could work with the same outfit. I think you made 2 really good choices. I have a 35cm Kelly and I think the size lends itself to a bit more casual look in the day time, it's a big bag not a dainty little thing and I am happy to wear it with jeans and casual stuff but it's also nice to know the Kelly will make the transition into smart territory too and evenings.
  4. Both.

    But I like how the Kelly looks on you more. I know both are 35cm, but the Kelly size just looks perfect against you and makes your outfit look so dressed up even though it's just jeans and a cardigan. Plus the hardware matches your watch!

    The Birkin looks slightly bigger and therefore a very casual vibe of "I'm just out running errands in my every day life." It also makes your watch really stand out since it contrasts with the GH.
  5. Definitely both!
  6. this might sound odd, but i prefer the way the 35 kelly looks in the hand, vs. in the crook of the arm. have you tried that? does it feel/look different/better that way?
    ps LOVE that you've filled the birkin and carried it from room to room. i would do that too. :heart:
  7. You are so lucky you got TWO Hermes bags! :yahoo:
  8. You are NOT a dork - almost every single one of us has had the same question. The answer is clearly both.

    But especially in your case (since you're more a casual jeans girl), you'll probably be happier sticking to a 35 Kelly - either sellier or retourne - this size just has a less formal vibe and works perfectly.

    The fact that you didn't immediately load your stuff into the Kelly shouldn't put you off - coming from Chanels and other brands into Hermes sometimes means getting used to such a different style at first. But you WILL happily adjust - probably WAY more than you want to - LOL.

    They both look great on you - relax and enjoy having both options!
  9. Ok, You are talking me into both!! I guess I could try to be sophisticated now and again!
  10. It's fine to be both and they both look beautiful on you.:love:
    Sometimes you'll be in a Birkin frame of mind and there are times when only the Kelly will do. :yes: For myself, I like 32cm Kellys to provide more of a contrast in size, shape and well, everything to my Birkin 35. But I'm more of a Kelly girl anyway. (But a Bolide 'ho!):shame: :supacool:
  11. Both of them look great on you (as does your Chanels). You have an elegant, easy way about you that allows you to carry these bags with the grace they deserve.
  12. Definitely both! They really both do look great on you!
  13. Both! As am I (thanks to my own reflections with Style101)... I also have a 35 cm birkin and a 35 cm kelly...they are both great bags...have a slightly casual vibe...and look amazing with demin and a classic sweater/t/jacket... I am now tormented in terms of next purchase...kelly or birkin...birkin or kelly...definitely 35 cm... I tried a 32 cm kelly and it just didn't have the same feel as the 35... I tend to switch between the kelly and birkin using each for a week or two at a time... Currently, kelly is loaded up...but expect birkin to come out to play soon...
  14. both! I love the kelly even more! it's a casual elegant look.
    birkin is a causal nonchalant cool look.
  15. I agree that both look wonderful on you....each bag has its own 'personality' and uniqueness...even though I'm getting a Birkin eventually, I'll remain a Kelly girl...I adore that bag!!!!!