Identify this YSL

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  1. It's a oversized EASY bag.
  2. it's different than the easy -- open top with two sets of straps (1 hand carry, 1 shoulder or cross body).
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    I just got it from my friend and I don't even know this bag is authentic and name of this bag.. Please help me!:graucho:

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  4. I think you'd have better luck post in the "authenticate this YSL bag" in the stickied threads.. wish I could help but I don't know YSL well enough. Good luck :flowers:
  5. Okay. Thank you. :smile:
  6. Hi there!
    Hope I'm posting in the right place -- saw this video in the celeb thread and posted there as well. Love this DT - but it is a med. or large and hard to tell the leather - slight sheen. Is it buffalo? Has anyone ever gotten a great deal on these bags in black - bet they never go on sale.

    Also - I am 5'4 1/2 - wondering if the large will be too overwhelming. Want a bag for everyday - mom with two elementary aged girls and a part time job - so need to sometimes hold my mac book air and some magazines/planner/notebook. Just don't want it to look too big.

    Thanks for all of your help.

  7. Photo link does not work
  8. but there were three small video links to the right and I choose the one in the middle.

    I think it is the medium size - but still not sure and still not sure of the leather.

    Also -- does the buffalo leather hold up pretty well. I'm tough on bags and patent is not my first choice.

    Thanks, again!
  9. At first glance I'd guess its a large black patent Downtown, similar to one I owned for several years. If she's really tiny, though, it could be a medium.

    As I suggested earlier, if you look at the modeling pics in the Reference Library you'll have a better idea what size Downtown would actually work for you.

    Generally we believe that YSL doesn't use buffalo to make its bags anymore. They use calf and treat it to look like buffalo and call if "buffalo." There are numerous threads about this issue if you do a search.




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  10. IT does look like large DT to me - although her bag doesn't seem as shiny as yours! Love your patent BTW - you have quite the collection.

    Thanks again. Still trying to decide if I want the large!

    Going to check out the reference lib. now!

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