Identify this YSL

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  1. Wasn't this sold at Selfridges? It's the quilted Cassandre tassel bag I believe. They currently have the non-quilted version still
  2. Hi ladies
    I am quite new to Saint Laurent bags
    Was looking to purchase a bag and was wondering what this style is called

    Thx in advance for all your help ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465503148.670850.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465503157.493001.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465503164.108009.jpg
  3. Hi Ladies,

    I really like this bag, any info would be appreciated.


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  4. This is a Cabas bag, I saw them at the store in the uk yesterday.
  5. Hi, I think this bag is called the Saint Laurent 'YSL Monogram Downtown Cabas' bag. This bag has a long, thick strap as you can see in the picture. Their is another style that is very, very similar simply known as the 'YSL Cabas Bag' and it's long strap is much thinner. I have attached a picture, hope that helps.

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  6. I tried this bag at Saks - it looks much better online i must say!
  7. Hello ladies
    Does anyone happen to remember which season/year was this Duffle 3 polka dot bag?
    I failed to find it anywhere but ebay and other reselling websites.
    Will be really thankful for any thoughts.

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    Can someone help me identify this bag? It was at Nordstrom for $2350. Can be worn as single or double strap. Almost looks like a college bag but does not have the handle on top. Thanks for your help.

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  9. Yes... as the headline says: does anyone know the name of this one?
    I just bought it preloved and really like the model, but I simply havent seen it before.

    It should be about 4 years old approximately.

    Hope anyone can shine some light on this mystery :smile:

  10. ... hi everyone from a newbie!
    I just bought a YSL handbag (which still is on the way to me, so I can just hope it is the real thing and no fake!) and would love to know the model name. I spotted the same model on here in a post on bags from the Tom Ford era, but without a model name. The year was stated as 2002. Any input will be highly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  11. Picked this preloved cutie up at the weekend. Probably the craziest zaniest bag I’ve ever owned but I was strangely drawn to it - it makes me smile and I love it!
    Does anyone know the official name of it? Or does anyone have one? I believe it’s from 2015.

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