Identify this YSL

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  1. I know it is YSL as I saw the logo on it.

    It's round and has a long crossbody type chain. It looks kind of like a CD case?

    Anyone have any idea what this bag is called?
  2. Yes! But in a different pattern. I went to the YSL boutique in SF and all the dept stores that carry YSL but I couldn't find it. Where can I find it to see it in person?
  3. Hi, can someone please tell me what is the style name of this bag? TIA....

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  4. This is called the Downtown bag
  5. Can someone please tell me the name and price of this bag? I want to know when the model is from and what it is made of etc. Thank you!


    Best regards
  6. this mirror clutch in patent leather is the last Stefano Pilati's season bags, I think fall/winter is made of durable grained famous YSL patent leather
  7. Thank you! But I can't seem to find any other pictures of it on the internet when searching for the name? Can you please link some other photos to me?
  8. Dear Ladies,

    I currently purchased this beauty :P
    The site I bought it from (Fashionette) named this bag "YSL Sac Ligne Y Ambre" but is that really the correct name? I cannot find a lot of information on the web if I search for this title. I have done a little research and came across the name "Chyc" - could it be that? Also, is this a size medium then?
    ANY HELP on name, size, correct color title etc. would be so so so appreciated :smile:

    Thanks!!!! :-*

  9. Anybody? :smile:
  10. That's the chyc cabas, but have no clue on the color
  11. Thanks hasana!! :smile:
  12. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1436690897.161775.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1436690926.139308.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1436690964.311564.jpg
    Hi guys do you know what this bag is called? I saw this at a consignment shop is it a worthwhile purchase?
  13. I saw this and fell in love with it but it is too late seems like I can't find it anywhere. Please help and thank you