Identify this YSL

I found a stunning YSL bag on a magazine. Can anyone tell me the name of it and if someone has it and some irl pictures, those would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi, I have seen that bag. It is from the 04 collection. I saw it in Neimans and at the YSL boutique. I remember it went on sale at Neimans 30 % off. I also believe it is part of the Byzance collection. Not 100% sure. This bag is lovely. The bag i tried on had a long strap and can be worn as a messenger. The fabric is canvas and the color is olive. The center piece is ornate with beautiful gold hardware and the leather is choco. I hope this helps.:flowers:
I agree - I still use my old handbags. In fact, I think I go through cycles. Currently, I'm back all over a Ferragamo I bought 2.5 years ago and the YSL fringe I got a bit over a year ago. If you really love a bag, you WILL use it over and over, regardless of what season it's from